Enhancing the cultural, civic, education and social opportunities of Kentwood women.


Enhancing the cultural, civic, education and social opportunities of Kentwood women.



Meet Courtney Failer

The Kentwood Women’s Club is pleased to be hosting an evening with Courtney Failer. Ms. Failer is the Community Relations Liaison at Warner Norcross & Judd LLP.  She will be speaking to the Kentwood Women’s Club about heart disease.

In the United States, 1 in 4 women dies from heart disease. But when women hit their 50s, heart disease claims more lives, and by age 75, death from heart disease is eight times more likely than breast cancer. Because heart disease was believed to be a man’s disease, men were the primary focus of research and little attention was paid to heart disease in women. Due to the effects of heart disease in our lives, this program is one not to miss.

Ms. Failer will be presenting at the Kentwood Women’s Club Meeting on April 18, 2018. The presentation will be held at the Kentwood Library at 4950 Breton Road SE, Kentwood, MI 49508. There will be a social time from 6:45 p.m. At 7:00 there will be a short general meeting followed by the presentation.


Upcoming Events

Joanne Monier has planned two fun events. They are as follows:

Joanne is organizing a night out to see the Orphan Train at the Master Arts Theatre on Friday, April 27. If you want to attend and have not already signed the reservation sheet at the February meeting, please e-mail Joanne with your reservation. Please make your check out to Joanne Monier, and bring it to the KWC March 21st meeting. (You can insert your name on the sign-up sheet at that time too.) The other option would be to email Joanne on your wish to attend. Any mailed checks need to be sent to Joanne, and received, by April 1st.

A Day trip to Felt Mansion in early May  

The Felt Mansion is located between Holland and Saugatuk and was built as a summer home (26 rooms) in 1929.  It had fallen into disrepair at one time, but has recently been restored.  We need 15 people to receive a tour at a cost of $15 each.  We could also combine this with a stop for lunch somewhere within the area if you would like.   If you have not already signed Joanne’s reservation sheet at the meeting, please let her know if you are interested by e-mailing her.  Remember, we need 15 participants  to receive the guided tour and guests are always welcome.


Your Donations Count!

Yearlong donations of women’s products are needed to replenish the area Food Bank. We are collecting feminine products, shampoo, conditioner, and other personal items. These items are always in short supply at the Food Bank; so, your help is needed. You can bring your items to our monthly meetings; and, they will be delivered to the Food Bank. Thank you, in advance, for your generous donations!

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