Enhancing the cultural, civic, education and social opportunities of Kentwood women.



Enhancing the cultural, civic, education and social opportunities of Kentwood women.



Summer Fun

Our official programs are done for this calendar year. Programs will begin again on September 19 in the fall. We would like to thank Jessica Ann Tyson for all the great programs that she arranged for us this year. The programs were diverse and interesting. Thank you, Jessica Ann.

Just a reminder from Joanne Monnier that a summer gathering is planned. This activity will be just another fun time planned by Joanne. We want to thank her for all the entertaining and well-organized events she planned for us this past year. Please save the date of July 18th as Joanne will be planning something for that date. Keep an eye out for a future email with the details.


Carol Sichterman, scholarship committee chair, is pictured with scholarship winners Kelly Giles and Emma Pinchak.

2018 Scholarship Recipients Honored

We have, again this year, presented two East Kentwood seniors with our annual Kentwood Women’s Club Scholarship. At our April 18th meeting, we recognized Kelly Giles and Emma Pinchak for being this year’s scholarship recipients. The Kenwood Women’s Club Scholarship is based on scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community/volunteer service.

Kelly Giles has a cumulative GPA of 4.1245. She has completed Advanced Placement courses in chemistry, psychology, biology, language composition, and statistics. Kelly mentored two special education students and has volunteered in the Kentwood Library in the children’s reading program. She has accumulated 250 volunteer hours centering around the National Honor Society and has used her skill as a cellist by performing for senior citizens in nursing homes. She has also volunteered at her church’s food bank and has mentored students in the remedial programs. Kelly has played cello in the East Kentwood ABC Orchestra. She has also participated in track & field, cheerleading, cross country, and the Speed and Agility and Winter Running Clubs. She plans to pursue a degree in biology with an emphasis on the environment at Western Michigan University.

Emma Pinchak has a cumulative GPA of 4.2196. She has achieved Advanced Placement courses in language and composition biology, environmental science, statistics, macro-economics, Spanish, world history, art, and drawing. Emma has played the piano since the age of six and has engaged in mural painting for ten Kentwood schools. Her community service has included volunteering at the John Knox Food Pantry, the Kent District Library, Bethany’s Thrift Shop, the National Honor Society’s community events, and her church’s youth activities. Emma has participated for four years in her school’s varsity track and cross country where she is captain. In addition, Emma works as a part-time waitress. She plans to study environmental science at the University of Michigan.



Thank You, Sandy!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our president Sandy Swanson for serving this year. Sandy has worked diligently to make sure that Kentwood Women’s Club was run smoothly. She organized meetings, stayed well-informed of events, and kept us all up-to-date both at small/whole group meetings, and through email. In addition, she had a lovely presentation, at the May banquet, where she honored the Board Members and Committee Chairs. Thank you, Sandy, for helping to make sure this year was a successful one for Kentwood Women’s Club!

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