Our Purpose:  The purpose of KWC is to enhance the cultural, civic, educational, and social opportunities of Kentwood area women.

Today:  KWC encompasses women in Kentwood and the surrounding area.  Past activities have included attending the Grand Rapids Ballet and Civic Theater, tours of local museums and points of interest. KWC focuses on friendship and service.

Community Involvement:  Since 1983 KWC has sought to support all levels of the community.  Projects have included community volunteer efforts, monthly donations to ACCESS Food Pantry, participation in the Kentwood 4th of July parade, and adopting a family at Christmas.  We have also provided benches for the Paul Henry Trail and have been recognized as a contributor to the Richard L. Root Branch of the Kent District Library art fund.  In the past other community contributions have been supported by arts and crafts auctions, gift wrapping and a variety of other projects.


2017-2018 Officers

President:  Sandy Swanson

Vice-President:  Jessica Ann Tyson

Secretary:  Theresa Collins

Treasurer:  Sharon Van Vels

Board of Directors:

Past President: Joan M. Brown

Hospitality: Betty Douglas and Pat Cisco

Membership: Becky Verker and Wanda Bierman

Special Projects: Diana Kennedy

Special Interests: Joanne Monnier and Rosemary Cox

Scholarship:  Susan Smokoski and Kay Wood

Publicity:  Jackie Stosick

Nominating:  Mary Lee Anderson

Book Discussion: Mary Delude

Euchre: Susan Young

Website Developer: Anne Marie Ohanesian

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