About Our Scholarship

In 1985, Kentwood Women’s Club established a scholarship program whereby an outstanding high school senior girl and Kentwood resident who excels in academics and community service receives a one-time scholarship grant.  The program is supported by staffing a home for the Parade of Homes the annual charity auction and other fundraising activities.

 Last year our November auction raised over $1,000 for scholarships.  A big thank you to all who provided and/or purchased items.  Our gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble and Schuler’s have added more funds.

2018-2019 Scholarship:  Application forms for the scholarship are sent to Kentwood Area Schools by December.  High school senior girls who reside in the city of Kentwood and/or attend Kentwood Area Schools may obtain these forms from their counselors.  

2019 Scholarship winners: Payton Spencer and Michelle Wax

Our Scholarship Recipiants

2019  Payton Spencer and Michelle Wax

2018   Kelly Giles and Emma Pinchak

2017  Lisa Giles & Hannah Robinson

2016  Sara Anstey & Emmarie Moon

2015  Jordyn Moore

2014  Jessica English & Anne Lotterman

2013  Abigail Robinson & Abigail Moore

2012  Megan Kaczanowski & Julia Riemersma

2011  Taylor Meister & Andrea Raby

2010   Emily McKenzie

2009  Susan Whaley

2008  Aubrey Zbikowski

2007  Elizabeth Krieger

2006 Erin Buerger

2005  Megan Taliaferro

2004  Megan Vaness

2003  Sarah Watkins

2002  Kristen Taliaferro

2001  Nicole Doorn

2000  Emily Haraburda

1999  Misty Tribble

1998  Cristyn Burger

1997  Marisa Christenson

1996  Rachel Katonak

1995  Linde Terpstra

1994  Rachel Post

1993  Rachel Nave

1992   Heather Saylor

1991  Mary Dekker

1990  Jennifer Francis

1989  Karen Bush

1988  Kimberly McKnight

1987  Elizabeth Friar

1986  Tammie Sue Miller

1985  Karen Rubin

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