The Book Group meets once a month.  Books are suggested by the library and the selections, throughout the months, are on a variety of topics.  Multiple copies of the books are provided, from the library, so members do not have to purchase the selected book of the month.  If you would like to attend, you may contact…

 Mary Dulude at:





The Euchre Group meets two or three times each month. Those wishing to play may choose one or more of the available dates offered. The group meets at the home of Susan Young; and, snacks are provided by one of the players. Interested members may contact… 

Susan Young at: 

She will add you to the player list. It is always a fun afternoon. 



At various times throughout the year, special activities such as a visit to Art Prize, attending a theater performance, or going to the Grand Rapids Art Museum or Public Museum for a special event.  Attendance is optional and there can be an additional charge. Joanne Monnier is in charge of planning outings; and, the sign-up sheets are available at the general meetings.

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